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fearless is living in spit of thos things that scare you to death. 22/05/98 - ∞

“Where “Shake it Off” is generic, “Out of the Woods” is particular to Swift, the kind of song that only she would write. It’s reassuring, exciting stuff, whether or not this particular song is even to your liking. If you care about how all pop music sounds exactly the same because the same five people are churning out hits for everybody on the Billboard Top 100, then you should care about someone like Swift — a serious songwriter with a distinct voice — crafting her own songs. If she’s singing somebody’s else’s words, it means she isn’t gutting you with lines like “you call me up again just to break me like a promise / so casually cruel in the name of being honest,” or telling a whole life in four words with “careless man’s careful daughter.” I don’t want to turn on the radio and hear female artists belting out girl power jams written by a bunch of dudes. I want more Lorde, more Charli XCX, more Nicki Minaj, more Kacey Musgraves. I want Swift to keep sounding like Swift, coy references to unnamed celebrity exes and all.”

- OOTW review (x)


“Quando eu gosto, eu gosto de verdade, gosto intensamente ou então nem gosto. É o meu jeito de ser, entende?”

- Márcio Vabo.  (via deslumbros)

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